Here at Southern Ocean Sports we arrange monthly trips for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving. Typically we have two trips per month, one Freshwater Trip to the springs in the North Florida Area, and one Saltwater Trip to the coral reefs in South Florida. These trips are available to both our training students and experienced divers alike. Rental equipment is provided free as part of training for our trips, and is provided to already certified divers wishing to join us as well.

When going on a dive trip with us, all accommodation, diving fees, and transportation are taken care of. You are responsible for food costs and extra activities, as well as gratuity for dive staff while on the trip. Our transportation is provided by a long range touring bus equipped with TV, reclining seats, and even sleeper bunks! All you have to do is show up to the shop and hop on! We will take care of the rest.

Our Freshwater Trips are often on Saturdays, where we leave from the shop early in the morning and are usually back by the afternoon.

Typical Freshwater Trip Locations:
Troy Springs
Ginnie Springs
Morrison Springs
along with many others!

Our Saltwater Trips vary, but can range from the North Florida Area all the way down to the keys. Typically trips are from 3-5 days in length and we can accommodate divers interested in spearfishing as well.

Typical Saltwater Trip Locations:
Panama City FL
Pompano Beach FL
Islamorada FL
Key West FL

Price varies depending on the location chosen, but typically range from $50-80 for freshwater, and $350-500 for saltwater. Please call the shop for a list of currently planned trips!